Why 6th, 7th, 8th Grades In Particular?

There are many reasons why this stage of development is so crucial in total athletic development. First of all this is the age where athletes start to separate themselves, and figuratively speaking the cream starts to rise to the top. This is also the stage of development where athletes start to section off into specific sports so there is a bigger decision to be made at this point, especially for the boys who are around the 90th percentile in height.


For optimal method tracking, and program efficiency you need to be getting the crucial information that can be gained at the earliest stages. By looking at athletes before they reach high School, we are able to monitor our effectiveness during High School, and measure our Impact without barriers. Through these 5 years we can be with our local elite football players as they navigate the most important choices that need to be made, at the most important time.


Ideally we would want (1) the initial point of contact to be as a current 6th grader at the combine, they tests and get their raw results posted. Once the results are posted everyone will see how they measure up with peers, and where the entire class is physically as whole. By competitive nature, and natural selection kids will compete harder, and have aiming points because of physical numbers, and rankings.

(2)Through the Youth Symposium all athletes are given the education that they needs to be successful. Athletes then enters the 7th grade putting the education into practice. Athletes will train with a mission, and work hard as they compete during their respective football seasons. (3)During the season STLYE will be busy! We will spotlight standout players, adjust top players list, and post user submitted highlights to increase motivation. (4)Then after the season is over as 7th graders, the athlete repeats the process for the next 2 years until he is a rising 9th grader. We are able to track each athletes progression, and provide much needed information to local High Schools. (5)As the athletes concludes their High School careers we will compare the results from the major High School combines such as Rivals/Adidas, and 247 sports / Nike to help provide much needed information for Colleges, and universities who are recruiting these athletes.

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